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 the suite life college new story

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the suite life college new story Empty
PostSubject: the suite life college new story   the suite life college new story Icon_minitimeWed Oct 25, 2017 11:23 pm

who seen the suite life zack and cody and the suite life on deck my story is base of my favorite show the suite life of zack and cody my own verison they in college

Zack and cody are twin brother and its there first day of college
"Our first day of college.",said Zack
"Yeah,it was like only yesturday we where on a ship.im gonna go to the chemistry lab.replies CodyZack sees a girl he likes and flirts with her
I need flowers Zack says to himself"here for you the flowers are pretty as you.",said Zack
A student named Natalie looking at magazine at the same time looking at magazine sees Zack trying to flirt with a girl fails the girl walks away
Natalie walks up to Zack
"I saw what happend I can help you make her interest in you i known her forever.",replies Natalie
"If you make her interest in me I do you a favor.",said Zack
"We start tommmorw lets meet here 2 pm,by the way my name Natalie nice to meet you.",replies Natalie
"Nice to meet you my name Zack.",said Zack
Moseby arrives he is the principal
"Moseby long time no see.",replies Zack
"You here i mean yay",sarcastic Moseby
"You dont seem happy to see me.said Zack
"No,I better go hide the pranks.",replies Moseby
the next day

"Hi Zack!,you ready to make the girl interest in you.",said Natalie
"Yes!,what to do?"asked Zack
"To impress her she likes guys who gives girls advice.she should be coming out of the library now there she is her name is Emily.I have idea for advice.I "I like someone for long time he likes someone else I havent told him once how i felt what to.",replies Natalie
"You dont want to hide your feelings forever even if he rejected you you feel better telling him.",said Zack
Emily saw Zack give Natalie advice didnt work
Next how Zack tryes to impress Emily dancing Zack dance everyone watches and Zack finished dancing everyone claps it still didnt impress her next idea Zack tryes to make Emily laugh again still didnt impress her last idea Zack tryes to impress her with car it still just didnt impress her

"Im sorry my ideas didnt work.",sighs Natalie
"Its okay you tryed your best.",replies Zack
Natalie sees Emily to walk to her room
"Wait Emily.",said Natalie
"Wait Natalie its okay.",said Zack
"Zack tryed to impress you why didnt nothing wrong.",replies Natalie
"He not my type.",said Emily
"You should give him a chance who knows you might chance your type of guys you like right.",smiles Natalie
"Your right,would you like to go on date.",replies Emily
"I would love to dinner date.", said Zack
Now its late at night Natalie is at the balcony
"There you are,thank you for what you did.",said Zack
"Yourweclome,how was your date.replies Natalie
"Great.",replies Zack
"Here you are Zack,I saw you dancing good im proud of you.",said Cody
"You guys are twins cool,nice to meet you my name is natalie.",shocked Natalie
"Hi nice to meet you im Cody.",replies Cody
"We gonna be great friends.",smiles Zack
"Yeah,im gonna go to sleep goodnight guys.",smiles back Natalie
"Goodnight.",said Zack
"Goodnight.",replies Natalie
Natalie leaves to walk to her room she accidently bumps into the door was about to fall down Zack catches her when he catche her she see sparkles in his eyes blushes she now has feelings for him

to be contiued...maybe
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the suite life college new story
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