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Season: Winter
Month: December
Year: 2017
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 TUTORIAL: Downloading Videos

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PostSubject: TUTORIAL: Downloading Videos   Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:20 pm

Hello! Today I will be showing you how to download videos to your computer. This includes movies or tv shows that you want to have downloaded so that you do not have to watch them online and wait for that slow buffer to pass, if it ever does. I have that problem too so now I download everything I wish to watch. No buffer included.

The things that you will need are:
Arrow Right A movie site (I will mentioning Primewire.ag a lot. It is very helpful and the best site I ever ran into)
Arrow Right One of the two downloading items that I will be mentioning how to use. One of them that really helps me is Tubeoffline.com. The other one is an extension for Firefox and Chrome but it helps and I will explain it in further detail later.
Now, let's get started.

Arrow Right Using Tubeoffline.com Arrow Left

Step one: Go to Primewire.ag.
Step two: Go to the search bar and type in your movie or series.
Step three: Search for the movie or series that pops up. (if you are searching for the series then the next part is easy, just find the season and episode listed)

Step four: After you click on the episode or your movie from the list, go through the list of links provided. Most of them do work. I recommend Openload, speedvid, estream, vshare, movshare, thevideo.me, and movpod. The others found may work, but those are the ones I have used before. Not all of them will be on tubeoffline, so, in that case, move on to the next set of instructions on how to use the extention for downloading videos.

Step five: After you find the link you want, click on it. Make sure the full video pops up and you do not see an error when the page fully loads. Then, copy the address link.

Step six: Go back over to tubeoffline. Go down the list of sourced sites. It is in ABC order so just search for it under the letter it begins with. For example, if you are using Openload, search for it under the 'O' section. Then, click on it. When the page loads, paste the link you just copied, into the bar that it provides and then click the convert button. Most of the sources will just bring you up to a download page where you click on a link to download your movie. Others may bring you up to a 3 step page where you click and drag this one source into your book marks, then click on the link to go to your video, then go to your bookmarks to click on the site you moved up there, and then it will bring you to another site to download your movie. That is a hassle to go through and sometimes it doesn't work for some of the movies I wanted to use.

So, that is one way to do it. If you want a MUCH easier and faster way to do it. Move on down to how to do it with the extention

Arrow Right How to use Downloader helper extention Arrow Left

Step one: Decide whether to use Firefox or Chrome then go back up to the top of these instructions and click on where I have types 'Firefox' and 'Chrome'. It will being you to the page to download the extention to the browser you use. The sad part is, you cannot use Internet Explore, now called Microsoft Edge, to download. I have tried, many times. Only works wit pictures sadly.


Step two: After you follow the instructions to download the extension, you will follow the same instructions as said above to locate your movie. Other movie sites work too just as long as you can get a movie and have it play for a little bit.

Step three: After you have found the movie/show, make sure to click on the link as explained above. Once fully loaded on the site, make sure you hit the play button and get it to play or at least loading. Then, for most people, the icon will light up, maybe with a number beside it. You click on the icon and then a list of links will pop up. Click on one to start downloading. It may ask you to rename it and where to put the file if it is set up that way. After that, hit 'Okay' and then you are now downloading your video.

That was a lot of information but trust me, it is worth it. Some movies may take some time and some may depend on what source you use. If your file fails, that is normal. Just click 'retry' to just re-download it or try another source. No problem.

If you have any further questions on this, please let me know. Smile 

Thank you!

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TUTORIAL: Downloading Videos
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