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 A Piece of Inspiration

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PostSubject: A Piece of Inspiration   A Piece of Inspiration Icon_minitimeSat Mar 24, 2018 5:45 pm

Hey, I am sharing this piece that I wrote this past weekend. Everybody whom I have shown it to really liked it. So, I am sharing it with the entire forum. I believe everybody needs this at some point in their life. A Piece of Inspiration Icon_smile I hope you like it and that it made your day 100000% better.

Sometimes you stop to think about the purpose of life. You wonder if it is worth living. You start to wonder if anybody cares for you at all. But, then, you think in a different direction. You stop to think about how life has a purpose. A purpose in which others wish that they had when they think they don't. You think that things would be different when you are gone and off the planet into a different world. But, then, sometimes you just need to stop, take a breathe, and relax. Think about how others would feel and where your life could end up. Your life is full of wonders. Wonders that you are still trying to discover. Such us a college scholarship or a new job or a new family or a new career path such as singing, writing, or programming. Which ever one is that that you decide to be, it is your decision. Nobody can make it for you. It is something that you do on your own. Although, stopping to breathe and to concentrate on your life choices is nothing like smelling the roses outside your house and in the home garden. It is much more than that. It takes complete stillness and ability to stop, focus on what your mind is saying and how you are breathing to be able to relax and create a new way of living instead of living a depressive life. Depression equals suicide. That is not an excellent path to go down. You give others pain and sorrow when you can easily just stay living and focus on what makes you happy: your friends, family, and learning new things to keep your mind active and exercised.
     Some will say that there is no worth to living a good life. That the Universe is a fake and that nothing is real anymore. But, that is only because they don't try. Or they tried and they think that they lost the war with themselves. The only thing wrong with that is, they simply gave up without going any further. They thought that life is worthless and has no purpose in reality when, in our reality, life has a purpose. You just need to find the purpose to your life whether it is living for the ones you care about or living because you have a job and make good money whether you are married, dating or single and whether you have children or not. Life is always worth living if you try and not give up. Giving up is like letting your mind quite and shut down. It will kill you on the inside and outside. It is a way to make and destroy pain and it is a road you really don't want to go down. You are in control of who you are. Keep it positive, keep it real. Nobody can be you. Only you can be you and only I can be me. This is a place that everyone should be. 

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"Sometimes, people don’t really say what they’re really thinking. But you capture the right moment… it says more."

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A Piece of Inspiration
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